How to win over potential landlords

With an ever-competitive rental market, setting yourself apart from the competition is no easy task. Here’s how using renter introductions can help set you apart from others renters.

a sample rental resume

When renting an apartment, it’s always the same song and dance…submit your application and let your credit report speak for you. After talking with countless renters, we know that you need a voice too! Introductions by RenterResume will give you the tools to stand out from the crowd, when used wisely!

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The key to elite organizations: teamwork

There are few things that can unite humans around the world like sports.  The World Cup, Super Bowl, and Olympics are some of mankind’s most celebrated and watched events. This isn’t a new phenomenon, and one only needs to look at the history of the Olympics for evidence.

The reasons that we unite behind sports are copious, but I’ll focus on my favorite: teamwork.




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