[Case Study] How we saved our client $3750 in Q4

By Ashley Wilson

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RenterResume saves Nomadic Real Estate $3,750 in the first fiscal quarter

Nomadic Real Estate, a full service property management company servicing Washington, D.C, has developed a strong reputation in the market by providing its clients industry-leading technology, service and support. The Nomadic team approached RenterResume looking to save time with their tenant screening and selection process. They wanted to set themselves apart from their competition by offering cutting-edge technological solutions for their clients.

The Challenge

Before using RenterResume, Nomadic’s staff was spending 15 hours each week on processing paper rental applications and cashing checks. At an annual salary of $40,000, this loss equates to $300 a week or $15,000 each year processing these applications. Knowing a better way should exist, Nomadic sought to reduce the amount of time spent on this non-revenue generating activity in order to meet their annual goals for 2013.

As Nomadic’s staff was already losing too much time, they needed a solution that was easy to implement and did not require a significant time commitment to begin using. AppLinks by RenterResume fit this description and was that solution they needed. After only a few days of using our App, Nomadic’s staff decided to use Applinks for renter applications and tenant screening for all of their vacancies!

Each AppLink provides a unique URL for renters to apply for one specific property. It’s generated instantly, after the owner enters their criteria for the ideal tenants’ income, credit, criminal, and eviction histories. When an interested party wants to apply, they simply copy this unique link into their browser to complete the application. Within seconds of completion, the full report (credit, criminal, & eviction histories) are matched to the criteria specified within the property profile. Personalized recommendations are displayed visually in the app,  and pass or fail ratings are suggested based on this criteria match. Comparing applicants in this manner takes only a few minutes, versus hours like their old method of using paper applications.

The Result

Each assigned Nomadic team member receives easy-to-interpret reports within 90 seconds after completion of the applicant. They never have to deal with re-transcribing messy handwritten applications, cashing checks, and waiting around for screening results! Renters are now able to apply quickly and spend less time waiting on leasing decisions. Most importantly, Nomadic’s team is now able to focus on generating new business. When asked how we have impacted their operations, Nomadic’s President said:

“Renter Resume offers a terrific online tenant application and screening product for Property Management companies that has allowed us to streamline the entire leasing process.  It has helped our staff operate more efficiently and dedicate time to other crucial aspects of the business.  The product in tandem with their exceptional customer service and responsiveness has led to a wonderful client experience,I highly recommend this product for any sized property management firm”

Nomadic Real Estate is now equipped to take on more clientele, lease their properties more quickly, and continue to build their strong reputation of exceptional customer service in the industry!

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