How to: Improve Online Rental Ads to Attract More Renters

By Ashley Wilson

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So you want to know how to attract great renters quickly with your online ads? You’ve come to the right place.

rental ads that attract great renters

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The millennial generation is the generation that rents, especially in the most competitive markets. There are many articles out there explaining why, the gist of it is that we’re not ready to settle down until much later in life. So, whether you like it or not, you need to know how to target us and I’ll show you how.

As an Accredited Staging Professional®, I can tell you that it’s the photos that sell. To find great renters fast, the single most important thing you can do is properly stage the home and edit the photos!! This is the age of the Internet where the average renter spends less than 30 seconds looking at your ad, and guess where they look first? Yep, it’s the pictures.

Here are four tips to make it easy:

  1. Create as much light as possible: Turn on all light fixtures, open blinds and curtains and plan to take your photos when the sun is out.
  2. Put things away: Your photos are to show someone else how they will fit in your rental, not how the current owner is living. Take some time to put personal photos in drawers, remove excessive refrigerator magnets, etc. A good rule of thumb: if you like looking at it, others will too. Maximize the time they spend looking at the great features/amenities of your home.
  3. Clean the place up a bit: dust all surfaces, vacuum/sweep the floors, and wash the windows. Dirty surfaces have a tendency to stand out in well-lit photos!
  4. Use a simple photo editor: Put great finishing touches on your listing photos. Take this time to make them a little brighter, even add some text to the photos highlighting what you want to showcase. Here are a few that have online options for free: Pixlr, BeFunky, PicMonkey

Download this free checklist as a guide!

Making your rental look awesome in photos is just one way to attract renters quickly. Interested in more rental housing hacks? Sign up on the right to stay in the loop.


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