How to win over potential landlords

By Ashley Wilson

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With an ever-competitive rental market, setting yourself apart from the competition is no easy task. Here’s how using renter introductions can help set you apart from others renters.

a sample rental resume

When renting an apartment, it’s always the same song and dance…submit your application and let your credit report speak for you. After talking with countless renters, we know that you need a voice too! Introductions by RenterResume will give you the tools to stand out from the crowd, when used wisely!

An introduction to your potential landlord is a great way for you to showcase the qualities that will make you the most desirable renter. When all other companies just pass along a credit report, RenterResume give you the edge in being able to communicate your best qualities right along with the report your landlord sees. This is where you can convey that you’re clean, respectful, and pay rent on time!

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Another great way to use introductions effectively is to shed light on any potential negative items in your background. It is understood that every one faces challenges, and if you had a difficult time paying the bills previously but are now gainfully employed, this is where you can let them know!

Here are a few examples of great intros to use as a guide:

  1. “We are clean, responsible, quiet and take pride in where we live. We take care of the property and treat it as if it was ours.”
  2. “I take paying on time very seriously, although my credit history is young, I’ve never missed a payment on any of my loans/credit cards.”
  3. “I will be a great renter because I am reliable, mature and respectful of the environment in which I live.”

In each of those introductions, the renters are depicting what it will be like to sign a lease with them, allowing potential landlords to paint a picture in their minds.

With a best practice topic such as this, it’s always fun to showcase what you want to avoid…

“Besides the fact that I am AWESOME. I am the best human being in the world.”

While your landlord MAY get a chuckle at this, you can bet on the fact they will select your competitor who’s using the intro to his advantage. You’re awesome, we get it…but are you too awesome to pay rent? Who knows!

You have one chance to make a great impression, use it to your advantage!

Utilizing renter intros is just one way to make your case as a great renter. Interested in more renting hacks? Sign up on the box to the right to stay in the loop.