This Is How The Best Renters Stand Out & Win

By Joshua Hines

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Calling all renters! If you’ll be searching for a new home in the next few months, I’m about to introduce you to your new secret weapon. Why will you need a secret weapon?

The rental market is really busy, which means the rules are changing. If you want to score a great home and avoid a lot of headache, there are a few facts you must know:

• There are more renters (read: competitors) than the last time you searched
• The best homes are rented to new tenants within a week after being listed
• Average applicants usually settle with a boring, average, or overpriced home

I’m a city renter myself, and I’m well aware of the frustrations and problems we face in the hunt for a new place. When you’re competing to rent a home that’s in great demand, you need more than the law of averages on your side.

• How do you stand apart from the other 20 people that also applied?
• How do you convey that you are the best possible tenant?
• How can you AVOID rental application hell & paying numerous application fees?

There is one easy answer for all of these questions: you need to stack the deck in your favor by being organized and standing out!

To stand out, you need a “Rental Resume”! Let me show why, and how it can drastically help you.

Build Your Rental Resume for FREE!

Rental applications are necessary, but also tedious and boring. They are meant to standardize and organize a large amount of information, for the benefit of a landlord.

Standard rental application

Being standardized is your enemy and you need to stand out by showcasing your best qualities as a tenant: predictable income, stable housing history, respect for another’s property and clear communication skills.

We’re certainly not the first ones to recognize the utility of a Rental Resume:


But we are the first to bring you a tool that will help you build one, FOR FREE! Starting today, we’re offering an online Rental Resume builder that you can use anytime, and complete in 5 minutes.


If you can find 5 minutes in your day, you can be one step closer to being selected to rent your dream apartment. If you’re going to have roommates, make sure to tell them to build a Rental Resume also so you can really stand out together!

If you as a rental applicant can make the landlord’s job easier, you suddenly become more attractive to them!

Presenting a Rental Resume achieves this and demonstrates that you are organized, thoughtful, qualified, and communicate well. If you were a landlord, wouldn’t you appreciate this?

Go make your own now to show any landlord that you are the type of qualified renter they would love to have!

Build Your Rental Resume Here!